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Architecture 50 Celebrations

Architecture 50 Exhibition (30 Oct – 13 Nov 2015)

To close the celebrations of the semi-centenary, the Faculty is holding an exhibition of memorable student projects produced over the Faculty’s history.

Curator of the exhibition Dr Beth George says “To walk among these projects is to cut a cross section through time, where the drawings and models reveal cultural attitudes, stylistic preferences, and a narrative of our social and political context. The projects range from the speculative and abstract to the technical and detailed. They are sometimes dreamy, sometimes socially-minded, sometimes whimsical and always aspirational. They pose schemes for Perth – our homes, towns and regions – they look to the world and travel abroad, they delve into the interior of the body and mind and look outwards to space. The show shifts from pencil, ink and plaster, to digital, filmic and even virtual forms.”

The exhibition is opening on Friday 30 October at 6pm and open to the public until Friday November 13. A publication titled ‘UWA ARCHITECTURE: THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS 1965-2015’, cataloguing student works and showing the evolution of UWA’s architectural education will also be available to purchase.

For more information about the event or to purchase catalogues of the rare and vast collection of work email

Recent Events

Architecture Forum: The Next 50 Years

Tuesday 26 May 2015, Octagon Theatre, UWA.


    Architecture Classes 1965-74 – Celebratory Lunch

    Thursday 28 May, 2015, The University Club of Western Australia, UWA.

      Architecture Classes 1975-1984 – Reception

      Saturday 12 September 2015, Cullity Gallery, ALVA.

        Architecture Classes 1985-1994 – Reception

        Friday 18 September 2015, Cullity Gallery, ALVA.

          Architecture Classes 1995-2004 – Reception

          Friday 25 September 2015, Cullity Gallery, ALVA.

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