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2014 Venice Architecture Biennale app


Event Details

  • 7 June - 23 November 2014
  • Giardini Pavilion, Venice, Italy

Further information

For technical help relating to the app please refer in the first instance to the Help Desk within the application.

For other information contact Laura Radovan.

Download the new Augmented Australia 1914 - 2014 app to get a taste of what's on show in Venice.

Using the three specific 'trigger' images you will be able to preview 3D animations of historical, unbuilt projects including an stadium designed by Harry Seidler for the 1954 Melbourne Olympics and Nervi Cathedral, a cathedral designed by Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi for New Norcia.

Artists impression - Sophie Giles, University of Western Australia, Cloud Space, Australian temporary pavilion, 14th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia.

To experience the full exhibition virtually (including interviews with members of the Creative Director team) by using all the trigger images in the official catalogue order here

More information on the Australian Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale.


Trigger images

Click on the links below to view the trigger image in a new window:

Image 1 - Harry Seidler, Olympic Stadium, Princes Park, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Competition Entry 1952. Digital Reconstruction by Daniel Giuffre and Paul Sawyer. Courtesy: felix.

Image 2 - Minifie van Schaik, Caught Unawares, 2013, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Digital reconstruction by Ben Juckes. Courtesy: felix. Trigger Image

Image 3 - Pier Luigi Nervi, Antonio Nervi, Carlo Vannoni and Francesco Vacchini, Cathedral, Abbey and Benedictine Monastery, 1958, New Norcia, Western Australia, Australia. Digital reconstruction by Matt Delroy-Carr, Keith Reid, Scott Horsburgh. Courtesy: felix.