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Timothy Moore

Future West Magazine - Issue 2

Future West (Australian Urbanism) is a biannual publication from the faculty that addresses the need for a conscientious debate about architecture, planning, culture, and society across Western Australia and beyond. It looks towards the future of urbanism, taking Perth and Western Australia as its reference point. Are there clues to be found in the west that can inform better city-making around the world?

The second issue of Future West looks at the desire for density by investigating how changing living and work patterns impact upon the built environment, and how financial pressures and lifestyle aspirations influence the spaces one resides within. It asks: What forms of urban experimentation can influence the future city? Can they inspire a change in attitudes towards urban densification?

Within the issue, Anthony Duckworth-Smith and Stuart Harrison suggest ways to augment positive qualities of Australian suburbs. Andréanne Doyon and Timothy Moore examine the changes of working and living trends and how this may impact on living arrangements. The publication also includes discussions of urban typologies and tools to increase the desire for densification with contributions by Nic Temov, Kristien Ring, Geoffrey London, Jennie Officer, Grace Mortlock and David Neustein.

Future West is materialised with the support of a generous private donation.

The second issue of Future West is available print-on-demand here while a selection of articles from the first and second issue is hosted at The Conversation.

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