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An exciting feature of UWA's undergraduate courses is the inclusion of broadening units.

Students studying any of UWA’s degrees will be able to choose a wide range of broadening units in Design.

Broadening units are a requirement of all five bachelor’s degrees and will provide you with knowledge beyond the fields in which you choose to specialise. You will be required to take four broadening units from outside the knowledge area of your degree-specific major, including at least one unit with a global or cultural focus.

The broadening requirements will give you the opportunity to study a diverse range of subjects as part of your degree.  You may choose to study units that are of a particular interest to you or which add extra value to your primary degree area.

How does it work?

You will be required to take four broadening units that fall into two categories, A and B. At least one of the four units needs to be chosen from Category A. The Category A units focus on some aspect of the globalised and culturally diverse environment.

The remaining three units can be taken from either Category A and/or Category B units. Category B comprises an extensive range of electives from any discipline outside the knowledge area for which you are enrolled (subject to meeting unit prerequisites). Units studied as part of a second major can count towards your Category A and/or B broadening requirements.

You may take your broadening units at any time during your degree. When you enrol at UWA you will be provided with further information and advice to help you design your own study plan. This will help you determine where your broadening units will fit into your undergraduate course.

The Design majors and study areas provide great choices

You can choose your Category A and B broadening units from the following majors or study area:

  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Fine Arts
  • Urban Design*

* study area

Category A broadening units

The Culture of Nature Drawing on aspects of science, philosophy and the arts, this unit offers you an inspirational history of the ways in which different cultures have constructed different interpretations of nature and their relations to it. By studying this you'll be prepared for the environmental and related philosophical challenges of the twenty-first century which will impact on all professions.

Video Art: Methods and Means

This unit offers an introduction to the production and distribution of short creative videos. Using existing and emerging digital technologies you’ll create individual and collaborative works for discussion and distribution on the international platform of the web. This unit is highly relevant for promoting a culturally diverse exchange of ideas.

International Studio for Art and Culture

Get an international study experience as part of your UWA degree! This unit, taught intensively over two weeks in Bali, Indonesia, introduces contemporary and traditional visual practice and techniques used by artists in the field to record and interpret raw visual data. Students learn how to creatively respond to, observe and record culture using traditional media of drawing, painting, digital photography and graphic techniques. These academic and observational strategies provide skill sets to creatively engage with cultures and workplaces around the globe.

Category B broadening units

Category B broadening units can be chosen from any knowledge area outside that of your degree-specific major. For a list of available units please refer to the UWA handbook.

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