School of Design

Claire Krouzecky

Light Reservoirs is a series of large-scale watercolour paintings which present an opportunity for pure looking. Throughout her artistic practice, Claire has been fascinated with the idea of perception, and that the behaviour of the medium itself is enough to inform a concept. In these paintings, the viewer is drawn into the work, and the focus is drawn to the transformative power of action, on art’s physical effects upon viewers, and on the eye as a vehicle rather than a destination.

Claire’s watercolours explore the idea that the viewing experience is rarely pure looking, but is constantly altered by a social and personal conditioning. These works allow the viewer the opportunity to recognise their personal processes of viewing and bringing meaning to an image, in fact acknowledging the innate human instinct to attach personal significance, and offering a ‘hollowed-out’ reservoir, empty of social or personal constructs, yet brimming with colour and light.

The ‘blob’ as a vessel through which to lose oneself, where abstraction performs a corporeal assault on the visual senses. With their removal of all trace of human hand, and employing a rigorous and unique process of drip and pool techniques, the works emphasise the material interactions taking place, esteeming the medium, and the surface upon which it sits. This, in turn, allows a dialogue between the material elements to develop, activating colour, light and the pure medium as a living identity.