School of Design

Eszter Nagy

The masterplan aims to create a true heart for the city on the edge of Perth’s greatest asset, the Swan River, and adjacent to the existing central business district.

In order to bring much needed vibrancy, and to create a truly urban, world class waterfront the aim was to create residential opportunities in order to bring a 24 hour per day vitality to this new city heart (with deregulation of trading hours). Uses are mixed creating a vibrant street life. There is a high mix of residential, commercial, cultural, recreational and high-quality natural amenities.

Since public universities are the heart and soul of cities, the masterplan includes a university campus to accommodate the need to increase Perth’s student population and to draw 'creative capital' (young, creative, educated and entrepreneurial people) to the central business district. It makes provision for over 3000 student housing units.

Destinations are important in a city. We currently have a very small Bell Tower as the main cultural attraction on the foreshore. The creation of landmark cultural buildings and amenities attracts visitors and also creates many commercial opportunities. The proposed scheme incorporates an 80,000 capacity stadium, the Bell Tower at three-times its size (240m tall - becoming a true attraction and marker), a large public plaza to comfortably hold 40,000 people for celebrations and events with large display screens. An Opera House building and surrounding high-rise commercial buildings frame this plaza and shelter it from strong SW winds. A 2.8 km long promenade provides access along the water’s edge, framed by many cafes and restaurants, over footbridges and vegetated islands, linking the pedestrian from the proposed WA Indigenous Cultural Centre and Art Gallery on Heirisson Island to the New Stadium.