School of Design

Ian Pexton

Perth lacks the diversity of high density urban housing that many successful cities in the world possess. It is only by looking at the opportunities that lie at our city's centre and edge that we may be able to inject the cultural diversity and vibrancy that are seen as the successful mark of a modern city.

This site offers the opportunity to create a project that both addresses the lack of true high density urbanity within Perth as well as rectifying the damage done by years of industrial dumping carried out on the site. Providing a range of quality urban housing, in that  Perth’s population is set to double in the next forty years, and the option of developing the wide expanses of open land along our rivers edge, is one way of relieving the pressure on the remnant habitat currently being consumed by our invasive suburban sprawl.

This project offers to show that by taking a largely undeveloped existing piece of our landscape and developing it with a population target in mind you do not necessarily reduce the quality of lifestyle that is so valued by Perth’s population.