School of Design


Site Fiction project – The Arcane Bookshop

An interstitial art process in an interstitial space done as part of the intercollective (Anna Cocks, Claire Krouzecky, Laura Hindmarsh).

This project involved the creation of a blog-as-art. The aim of the blog was to allow for conversation between the artists and audience to occur and to be visible as the closed shopfront would otherwise prohibit. The blog also resists becoming static, but rather is allowed to progress and is open to further reflexion and discussion long after the project if over.

Rather than stepping into an art-specific context to view/engage with the work it can be analysed, reflected on and contributed to at any stage of its development. I feel this allows for the project of Site-Fiction rather than a closed off, ‘artist-as-social-intervener’ to become cumulative in process, open-ended and dialogic. For exhibition purposes we have printed a hard copy of the blog which we show alongside a projected film of the final de-install.