School of Design

Jenna Sanders

The focus of my work in the latter part of this year has been emergence or merging of the figure with/from space.

Rather than utilising the entire human form, I have limited my exploration specifically to the hand for the dynamic and emotive qualities it possesses. Using 2.4mm steel welding rod I have created a series of semi-abstract gestures which seem to inhabit the space whilst also retaining a significant physical presence within it. The contrast of the static industrial material with the movement and balance inherent in the gesture; provides for an awkward dynamic between stasis and movement. In order to emphasis the raw qualities and highlight the danger of the medium, I have mounted each of the gestures on recycled steel frames at varying heights. This forces the viewer to interact with each of the sculptures in an individual way dependent on which part of the body the protruding steel rods threaten the most.