School of Design

Stephen Gyr

The project is to increase the density and inject a significant population to the centre of Perth. This will be done by investigating and in-filling around Shafto Lane. The aim is to build around the urban fabric and build on the existing conditions.

The main focus will be on creating a ‘sense of community’ within the development by making specific design decisions to increase the likelihood of human interaction. In addition, a range of typologies has been created to attract a diverse mix of people.

I have chosen this project as I feel our city needs to be improved.

When researching Perth City it can be seen that the incredibly low number of residents living in the city is problematic. The design of inner-city Perth has resulted in monofunctional areas. This becomes a major issue as these areas are only needed during part of the day and part of the week.

If these functions become mixed, to a certain extent it can help to transform the city. This is the idea behind the development: the introduction of a large number of residents will increase the number of people remaining in the city, which in turn encourages other people to stay in the city.