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Simon Kilbane

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Start date

Oct 2009

Submission date

Oct 2012


Simon Kilbane

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Green Infrastructure: Planning a National Green Network for Australia.


The research is underpinned by two broad principles. First, in accordance with the International Convention on Biological Diversity a minimum 10% of Australia’s existing bioregions must be protected; and second, that the spatial design of the Australian landmass endeavours to maximise connectivity between otherwise isolated fragments of existing habitat.

These two principles are encapsulated in the form of a ‘grid’ of habitat corridors which hypothetically allocates resources evenly across the entire Australian landmass.

This grid is then examined at finer scale along a 1300 x 25 kilometre transect located in the south west of Western Australia. Crossing through 11 different ecoregions, the transect functions as a test case of the system’s ecological, political and economic viability.

Through the process of landscape analysis and landscape planning following ecological design principles the grid is incrementally adjusted to site-specific circumstances.

The research relies heavily on mapping and utilising GIS data and delves into history and theory of why this new infrastructure is of importance.

Why my research is important

The research focuses on the role that design can play in reconstructing a continuous, representative linkage for the benefit of biodiversity while also highlighting additional complementary benefits.


  • Australian Postgraduate Award
  • National Climate Change Adaptation Research Network: Terrestrial Biodiversity Network PhD Student Collaborative Travel Grant