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Hamida Novakovich

Start date

Feb 2012

Submission date

Dec 2015

Hamida Novakovich


Contemporary Muslim Art in Australia – Generation Y


For my Masters, I will be preparing a ‘mock’ group exhibition with the theme of Generation Y-Australian Muslim artists. In 2010, I completed my Honours in Anthropology, researching Contemporary Muslim artists in Australia. The primary focus of my Masters will involve researching and designing an exhibition on selected works of already established or emerging Muslim artists who’s work may be shaped by their identity as culturally diverse and/or by a Muslim heritage. I am specifically looking for artists who fall into the ‘Gen Y’ category (born between the late 70’s to mid 90’s). All artists must currently live in Australia.

Why my research is important

As the Muslim community continues to be under the spotlight in the Australian and international media, exhibitions showcasing the work of Muslims or on Muslim culture has emerged in recent years. The rationale behind such exhibitions has been to ‘build bridges’ of understanding between Muslims and the wider community. Within the Muslim community, the place of arts has always been contested. Exhibitions of Islamic art around the world have fuelled the emergence of artistic practice of Muslims, especially in the West. The global flow of Muslims from the Middle East and other Muslim nations has also inspired artistic practice. Against this background, I wish to explore contemporary arts by Muslims in Australia and the influences behind their artistic practice.