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Nawaf Alhajaj

Phone: (+61 4) 1554 2929


Start date

Jan 2010

Submission date

Jan 2014

Nawaf Alhajaj

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New Forms of Public Open Space in the City of Jeddah: Urban Design Scenarios for Increasing the Provision of POS to Enhance the Urban Health of a Rapidly Growing Saudi Arabian Metropolis.


This research will propose a strategy for increasing the provision of POS in Jeddah’s existing built up areas to improve their urban health through the creation of viable new forms of POS. More specifically, this research will produce three urban design scenarios for increasing the city’s POS at the neighbourhood, the district and the metropolitan scales. For example, the residential scenario (neighbourhood scale) works on increasing the neighbourhood POS to enhance physical activities, walkability and the improvement of the urban ecology. The commercial scenario (district scale) aims to increase the sociable POS in the city to enhance social interaction, encourage walkability and minimise the dependence on cars. The environmental scenario (city scale) works on creating large green corridors and city parks to improve connectivity between Jeddah’s urban areas and to provide ecological services such as flood mitigation, retaining and cleaning stormwater, filtering air pollution and creating wildlife habitats.

Why my research is important

According to the World Health Organization (2013), 36.5% of the Saudi Arabian population is obese (43.5% in females and 29.5% in males) and around 31% of the population suffers from hypertension. Therefore, this research will improve walkability, opportunities for physical activities and minimise dependence on cars which will result in the overall improvement in public health and the environmental condition.


  • The Collage of Environmental Design at King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia.