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Linda Cheok

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 1881

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Feb 2013

Submission date

Feb 2015

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Updated 06 Jun 2014

Linda Cheok

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Patterns, Pride and Prejudice - A Comparative Study of Patterns and Motifs Across the Indo-Pacific


The quest to find a common visual language of patterns and motifs across the Indo-Pacific is the focus of this project, which combines a written dissertation with an exhibition of exploratory artworks. The scope of the written thesis will cover the ornament of China, Japan and Singapore, with Peranakan artistic traditions of Singapore as the pivot of the comparative study. Other countries in the Indo-Pacific will be represented in the creative component through artworks that will explore and intertwine the various artistic cultures of the region.

Why my research is important

The project will contribute to the existing body of knowledge of visual symbols, patterns and motifs and the visual handy guide or chart to be appended, will be useful for art practitioners as it will provide information on common motifs at a glance.


  • APA Scholarship

Phoenix, Peonies and Eight Buddist Symbols on Nonya Ware