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Craig McCormack

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Mar 2012

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Apr 2016

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Updated 22 May 2015

Craig McCormack

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Theorising the Relationship between Space Architecture and Science Fiction


This study intends to address the lack of theoretical research within the discipline of space architecture by theorising its own historiography, and how it relates to the broader discipline of architecture. There is also a lack of research surrounding the theoretical trajectory of space architecture and how popular culture in the form of science fiction has played a pivotal part in defining its history. This study will address this gap in scholarship.

Why my research is important

There has been extensive writing on the subject of the history and theory of architectural techno-utopia by individuals such as Felicity Scott, Reyner Banham, Howard Segal, and practice-based groups such as Archigram. Architects that have produced work relating to or referring to techno-utopia include Lebbeus Woods, Massimo Scolari, Claude Nicolas Ledoux, and Raimund Abraham. However, my investigations have revealed a lack of research on space architecture and its position within architectural history and theory. Similarly, there are gaps within space architecture’s own historiography. There is also a lack of recognition concerning the representation of space architecture within science fiction and its position within architectural history and theory. The study will make an original contribution by interrogating the cultural imaginings of space architecture.


  • Australian Postgraduate Award
  • UWA Top-up Scholarship

The 100YSS (One Hundred Year Starship)