School of Design

Prospects for an ethics of architecture

This project seeks to describe and account for new opportunities for ethical reflection in architecture and adjacent design practices. 

Bringing together the reflections of an architectural theorist and a philosopher, it explores possibilities for ethical speculation across their disciplines and respective concerns, aiming for a rapprochement…rather than merger between them. 

Hence, the key term in our working title, ‘prospects’, is carefully chosen. It suggests there are multiple views on our subject - opportunities as well as competing interests to be taken on board. In pursuing our aims, the complexities involved in understanding this field of inquiry are discussed at the same time. 


A forthcoming book from the project (Routledge, 2011) by William Taylor and Michael Levine rethinks relations between theory and practice in the search for new areas of cross-disciplinary research and teaching. 

It encourages philosophers and architects, scholars and designers, to reconsider what they do as well as what they can do in the face of challenging times.

It does so by exploring the notion that architecture and design can make for a distinctive form of ethical investigation.


This is a collaborative project funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC).